Saturday, March 28, 2009

I was transferred to SK Khir Johari Sabak Bernam in 1989 from my previous school which was in Sarawak; Sekolah Kerajaan Abang Leman Kabong. It was an interesting experience through the year of 1986 t0 1988. I got my eldest there, delivered in Saratok hospital. I still miss my friends down there.(K Salmi,K Timah, Melizen, Mokhtar, Ross Eli ......)
I settled down in Sabak Bernam since the day I was transfered till now. SKJ had given an unforgetful experience. I had hilarious friends and there was the place where I think I learnt a lot. I won't forget you guys in SKJ coz you are my sunshine. I'm very sure of that. A memorable moment and you are everything. ( frenz 4 ever hah!!!!!!!)
In February this year again I was transferred to my new school ( but I travel daily). It is a cultural shock where I have to face the Malays. All this while I was engaged with the Malays and Indians. Just imagine..... my new school is surrounded with the green view....paddy fields. I'm trying hard to be the best here and I always pray for it. I do hope my new colleague can accept my way of working ....workaholic maa.....he he he.....