Sunday, May 10, 2009

8th May was such a miserable day. I was hoping for a fantastic and miracles coming through but everything came tumbling down. I went for the whole body scan.....for my thyroid cancer. I was nervous when the doctor asked me to repeat the scan. I knew there must be something wrong but I still hope for the best. After 2 hours waiting, the doctor called and there you are.....there was tiny spot on it but still the doctor couldn't decide. I was asked to come again in October for another ablution. Oh my was really sickening waiting.................

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I was transferred to SK Khir Johari Sabak Bernam in 1989 from my previous school which was in Sarawak; Sekolah Kerajaan Abang Leman Kabong. It was an interesting experience through the year of 1986 t0 1988. I got my eldest there, delivered in Saratok hospital. I still miss my friends down there.(K Salmi,K Timah, Melizen, Mokhtar, Ross Eli ......)
I settled down in Sabak Bernam since the day I was transfered till now. SKJ had given an unforgetful experience. I had hilarious friends and there was the place where I think I learnt a lot. I won't forget you guys in SKJ coz you are my sunshine. I'm very sure of that. A memorable moment and you are everything. ( frenz 4 ever hah!!!!!!!)
In February this year again I was transferred to my new school ( but I travel daily). It is a cultural shock where I have to face the Malays. All this while I was engaged with the Malays and Indians. Just imagine..... my new school is surrounded with the green view....paddy fields. I'm trying hard to be the best here and I always pray for it. I do hope my new colleague can accept my way of working ....workaholic maa.....he he he.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

weih....sape2 ada resepi yang sedap n bhnnye mdh dicari mailah share.

Smalam aku gumbira ada relative dtg umah. Arini aku dah ml windu kat ijat. Lmnye lg nak blk cni. Xpelah..demi ms dpn......jap lg abg lak nak gi johor. Sunyi lg lah aku.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Arini aku gi knduri ngan bespren aku. sronok jmpa kengkwn lama n baru. Dlm pd bsronok tu tetiba aku tnmpk owang yg prnh satu ms dulu aku suka tp skang aku benci beno. Ntah nape aku dah xleh pndg mk dia...meluat tol. Camne aku blh terbekawan ngan dia?(apenye bahasa ni?) Hlg mood baik aku arini! Boringgggg!!!!!!